Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes - Is Cheaper Better?

Everybody would like to pay as little as possible for automobile coverage. But is cheaper always better? Like any other investment, there are pros and cons that should be evaluated and weighed carefully before making a final decision.

As per the insurance and vehicle laws each individual owner and driver of vehicle are required to carry the minimum automobile liability coverage as dictated by their state. Not carrying the minimum liability limits is illegal and may result in penalty and suspension of driver's license and registration. Moreover, in order to ensure that drivers and owners carry the minimum limits, the law requires producing proof of being insured in following conditions:

  • When requested by a law enforcement officer
  • At the time of an accident,
  • After traffic violations and
  • Upon registration of a vehicle.
Therefore, since carrying the proper policy is a legal requirement, everyone needs to purchase policies and hopefully at a cheaper rate to fulfill their legal obligation. This is the reason that everyone needs to locate and compare the cheapest auto insurance quotes available to them. But, those who merely want to meet the legal requirements, when receiving rates from different companies, they compare auto insurance quotes only on the basis of price in order to lowest price. This is done without realizing the fact that choosing any quote only on the basis of price may prove to be very costly when the actual need of risk arises.

Let us understand it in a simpler way: If one is choosing from two rates. The first quote has lower price but does not cover all the required needs of risk coverage. On the other hand, the second quote has higher cost compared to the first but covers all the required risks. Between these two quotes the second one with higher price is the only right option. This is because it contains the proper protection. On the other hand, the first rate, though has lower cost, does not cover all the required risks. In this case, if one chooses the first due to lower cost, without much thinking, and if any accident occurs in future, the insured person would find that the policy does not cover all the expenses and therefore, one would have to pay the remainder of compensation from one's own resources. Therefore, cheapest quote is one which has low price and covers all the required risks. If one were to purchase a policy that did not contain adequate protection, they may find themselves incurring financial hardships which would eliminate the savings that they were getting on the premium.

This suggests that price and risk coverage are both equally important factors for comparing quotes. One can't compromise the risk coverage element to purchase any quote only on the basis of cost. If compromised, one may have to pay all required compensation from one's own resources if any accident occurs.

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